This is Marquiste Boyce.

Isn't it weird? How sometimes the best and the worst moments of your life are the exact same moment?

That’s the thought I had as I was in one of the most beautiful places in the world feeling the most desperate I ever have in my life.

In this letter I'm going to teach one of the most life changing online marketing skills I ever learned my entire life. And I want to tell you the story of how I discovered it. 
I remember that slogan on the cheezy car title pawn website like it was yesterday...
Here I was in May 2018 laying alone in bed 3,000 miles away from home on a work trip on a beautiful island in the Philippines, looking to trade in the only piece of leverage I had left to finance my dreams of escaping the rat car.
Peering outside my bedroom window to see the gorgeous view
The last few years I had spent scouring the planet for every money-making opportunity I could get my hands on.

Some did ok, but most of them failed.

Like many others, I was fed the dream

Go to school, get good grades, graduate college, and work until retirement.

Or die.

Whichever comes first.

So with my brand-new fancy computer science degree, I moved from Flint, Michigan to Atlanta.

Here began my journey along the corporate assembly line.
I went from being the new kid in the office to being a team leader almost overnight.

This is quite ironic since I’m shy and rather jump off a bridge than run a team meeting.

I unwillingly became the “go‐to guy”. 

In an average week, I was putting in at least 60-70 grueling hours.
Then one Friday I got an email alert right before my lunch break for a sudden "all-hands staff meeting” at 4pm.
An impromptu meeting at 4pm was never a good thing, especially on a Friday! 
We just had layoffs and a few of my good friends lost their job the Friday before Thanksgiving week, so all bets were off.

I walked into the room at 3:55pm with beads of sweat piling up on my forehead.

No one had arrived yet. I sat down and peered over at the clock as it ticked closer to the meeting time.

A million thoughts went through my mind.

Did someone else get fired and we were about to get told the bad news?

I was thinking of all the worst-case scenarios at this point.

As 4pm hit, one-by-one all my team members started walking into the room.

My skin was so flushed from sweat by this point I was red.

As I looked around the room, I could tell everyone else had the same thoughts.

No one said anything though. 

All my other team members just sat there as we kept looking towards the door, waiting for our manager to step into the room from the hallway.

It was so quiet you could hear a pin drop on the floor.

After about 5 minutes later than expected, our manager finally wrapped up her conversation in the hallway and entered the room.

Before speaking, she took a quick glance around the room to make sure everyone was there.

Hello team. I wanted to announce to you all that we got word from the top that we will be reducing our US workforce by 70% over the next 12 months.” She continued with “We’re going to automate and outsource most of the tasks to a new team in the Philippines.

I let out a quiet exhale. “Well, at least no one is losing their job today”, I thought to myself.

My manager then continued, “To get this new team up and running fast as possible, we wanted to send someone from here over to the Philippines for at least a month. And we are looking for volunteers.”

Almost immediately, everyone at the round table on my team looked directly at me with a smirk on their face.

They all expected me to say “Yes”. My heart started beating faster and faster.

So with being the most knowledgeable people and “go-to guy” in my department, I reluctantly opened my dry mouth and said Yes to “volunteering” to travel across the world for 30 days and train up our new remote team.

You could feel the relief in the room after that.
No One Was Laid Off Yet. But This Was Just "Phase 1" Of Corporate Restructuring
“Phase 2” would probably end with most of the workers at this very same table jobless in a few months.

I started to not give a shit about my actual job at that point. It didn’t make me happy. 

It left me so wiped out I fantasized about my bed whenever I managed not to think about unrealistic project deadlines.

Anyway, I wasn’t married to my job. But I didn’t want to lose it yet, because I needed the money.

And with the sudden prospect of not sure if I would have a job in a year or not – I figured it was time to start looking for other means of making an actual sustainable income.

Something that would leave me with enough time to sleep in some days…

Enough energy to go out with friends, and date again...

Enough freedom to finally make the 12-hour trip to my mom’s house to see her…

To maybe even have enough dough to travel to exotic places around the world…walk around unknown streets and eat unfamiliar foods…

In a way, this work trip to the Philippines was good because it offered me a chance to experience travel without having to pay for it.

But I didn’t see it that way back then. At that point, a seed was planted.

I had 6 months before I was shipped off.

I used my lunch breaks to research working from home. I dug the idea of making money working from anywhere, especially the beach!

Then I learned about the latest buzz of Internet Marketing. Everything the marketing gurus had, I wanted

The cars, the homes, the money

And man, the ability to travel around the world

Last but not least, the chance to do what I want without always having to worry about if there is enough cash in the bank.
My employers didn't know, but I quickly developed a dark side after I said YES to that Philippines trip. 

I came up with what I called my Rat-Race Freedom Plan

Find a way to make money online, and quit my day job once the money coming in was good enough...or die trying!
I LOVE The Horror Movie "Hellraiser"
Who Knew Passion Would Turn Into Profits...
Seven years ago, I decided to start this YouTube channel on the thing I love. I started reviewing horror movies just as I watched. 
And I don't know why. But people started to love me and my channel. I had people sign up and subscribe every day. 

My best video got over 2.6 million views and over 4 million views for the entire channel!
When I heard about Google Adsense as a way to monetize my traffic, I just knew this was the opportunity I was waiting for. 

I decided to create a YouTube Channel about horror movies and made a bunch of trivia quizzes for people to test their knowledge.
I had already looked up a few horror movie-related keywords in the Google Keyword Tool, so I had a pretty good idea that there was going to be a huge amount of traffic that would be pouring in.

And it did!
I was generating hundreds a month in Adsense dollars. It was a match made in heaven. I was finally able to do something I was passionate about and get paid for doing it.

It wasn’t going to make me rich anytime soon…but I figured I had to start somewhere.

I logged into my YouTube account one day and saw a notice from Google that my account had been disapproved for Monetization.

The traffic to my website had dried up and along with it, all my Adsense profits. I tried to appeal but was denied

My success online had come to an end...
I Had Kind Of Given Up For A While Until A Buddy Had Invited Me To Attend A Tony Robbins Event With Him
It was kind of out of the blue, but since he got tickets for half off, I decided to go along. I had heard about these Tony Robbins events before and people walking on fire, so I went in a little skeptical.
Walking on fire was the least craziest thing that happened to me. Tony said a few words that stuck with me to this day. I didn't leave that event the same man...

I realized I had been trying to grow my business in a bubble, on my own, using no help from others. I never asked for advice. I never asked for feedback. I just "did" stuff and hoped it would work.

And here I was one year later in the Philippines. Remembering those same words from Tony and how it was time to put them into motion...

"Model Someone Already Successful Because Success Leaves Clues"

I made the decision I was never looking back. Now was the time to hire a mentor and model their success.

I submitted paperwork online to pawn my car.

That was the first step. My mouth was dry as I filled out the application hoping I was making the right decision.

Ok, that was done. I took a deep breath as I had to finish the next step: Make a deposit to lock in my spot

I had my credit card in hand and started to slowly type in my number

As soon as I lifted my hand to press the “submit” button, I felt a tingling surge in my chest.

Here I was betting everything I had left. I’m 3,000 miles from home, wishing on a dream.
This Was The Point Of No Return...
After I got back to the states in a few weeks, I began my mentorship and spent the next 6 weeks putting together a new ‘high-ticket offer’.

That’s what I needed to model, my mentor said. It would solve all my problems of selling and help me grow my business.

I hadn’t sold a ‘high-ticket offer’ before, so I looked on the bright-side. At least it wasn’t something I tried and failed at before?

I must be on the right track...

Most of the day my butt was glued to my office cubicle chair at my day job. Then I spent my evenings glued to my couch as I worked on my marketing campaigns.

Each night I was tweaking my new funnel, ad copy, creating lead magnets...just trying everything to get more leads.

I spent almost $500 on traffic, and I only had a few booked calls after the first week

My email open rates were horrible and the hours that I spent created those lead magnets felt wasted because people weren't even downloading them.

The leads that did book a call to work with me, were unqualified and didn't have the budget to work with me.

Each and every time, we would get to the end of the phone call when I was trying to offer them my services and it would be crickets on the other end.

Soon, I was running on fumes, in both my body and bank account. There was no time to sleep anymore.

I couldn't figure out what's working. I knew I had so much to offer people.

The training products I created had so much value inside.

The free PDF report’s I put together were better than most of the paid stuff I saw out there from other people.

But nothing was happening. What was wrong? I just couldn't figure it out.

I had put in the effort. I had mustered up the courage to put myself out there and spend the last dimes I had for advertising, but it wasn't working.

Each week I had to make a decision. Do I buy a week's worth of frozen dinners to make it? Or do I keep this ad running?
The Choice Was Made Simple Once My Ad Account Got Shut Down...
My lead quality was so low, I began creating ads that were a little “too aggressive” with claims and Facebook didn’t like that.

I couldn't figure it out.

And a question occurred to me.
How could I overcome my problems by just getting better leads?
Better leads who can see the value in my products.

It suddenly dawned on me to revisit this "Evolution Of The Lead Capture Page Training" I remember seeing when I was scouring the internet researching for ways to improve my landing page.

The Evolution Of The Lead Capture Page was a training video I had actually seen about 3 years before.

It was a cool presentation where Mr. S showed case studies of making changes to a landing page and tracking the improvements.

At the time, I was in a network marketing company and was researching everything I could. That’s how I first came across Mr. S...
Mr. S was a legend in the network marketing world and known as "The King of Never Calling A Single Lead" and as someone who hated talking to people to sell them stuff, that sounded good to me!

In the training, Mr. S showed different lead capture pages he used to get thousands of people to join his business with low to zero objection.

Over time, he would look at his results from marketing campaigns and make minor changes to the landing pages to see improvements.
It was some seriously cool stuff!

Anyways, the very last landing page that Mr. S showed that had the highest results of all had something super unique about it.

See, most people would ask for an email address right away on a landing page.

Not Mr. S, he added one simple question before asking for the email that drove his conversions through the roof?

"How did you hear about us?"
Now that might sound like a silly question to have such big results.

But it wasn't the question itself, but the fact that it was "asked".

That is what is known as "Micro-Commitment". A subtle way to get a person to make a small commitment before you ask to do something bigger (Hint: Like ask for their email address")

The more small commitments you can get a person to do, the much easier it is to get them to say YES at the end.

And then on the 3rd viewing, an explosion went off in my head...

I didn't believe it at first. But the more I thought about it, the more it just kind of spoke to me.

I knew this could be the one thing that could turn it all around. It was the biggest idea I had in my life.

What Is The Evolution Of The "Micro-Commitment"?

At the end of the video, that’s where Mr. S stopped with his testing. But what if there was something more?

And there it was. Something that had been right in front of me the whole time.

Remember that silly horror site I had back in the day?

The one thing people couldn't resist doing once they visited the site was taking the quizzes.

Once it caught their attention, they just HAD to test their knowledge and know the results.

They would answer each question, sometimes high as 15, making a "Micro-Commitment" each time until I finally asked them for their email address to see their results.

By then, they were hooked in so deep, they couldn't help but just hand over their Info to get their results as soon as possible.

Then it just dawned on me, why don't I just "evolve" my fun trivia quiz and use it for lead generation for the type of clients I'm trying to attract?


I mean, using a quiz is exactly how I had success before, regardless of the Google slap and YouTube shutdown.

I'll be honest, I had my doubts on if it would work here or not.

I didn’t see that many people using quizzes like this for leads. Would this work, I asked myself?

But something needed to happen.

As I started thinking about it, the more and more excited I got.

If I had this way of reading people's minds to find out exactly what they need, then I wouldn't have to sell.

They would just tell me and I would repeat their desires back to them. This would turn into better leads and more sales.

I would pay way less for advertising because people would share the quiz. Something that NEVER happens with boring lead magnets.

All these thoughts keep rushing through my mind. I had started to convince myself to move forward...

This is my moment. Right?

Or is it? Would it work? Or would it be just like everything else? 

Is just another stupid idea. Just another blind path that I was going to follow?

The thoughts of failure crept in. I almost didn't do it.
A Few Days Later I Received A Beacon Of Hope From The Strangest Place...
I was sitting in bed watching reruns of The Walking Dead when I heard a 'ding' from my Gmail.

I opened the tab and couldn't believe what had just popped into my inbox.

Just seeing the name in the subject line made my heart skip a bit.

It was an email from someone I hadn't heard from in years, Mr. S.

After having massive success online, he took a few years off to just chill and relax.

He literally was off the face of the earth, but he said he recently found something in his training archives so profound, that he had to pop back up on the scene to let his subscribers know.

Those 38 words he put in the email were the spark to my ignition...

"It’s What I Call The Evolution Of The Lead Capture Page. In It, You’ll Discover What I Mean. Those Of Us Who Remember, Tally, And Take Into Context The Result Of Our Past Gain Something They Never Will."

I don't know what I would have done without that email hitting my inbox at that exact moment.

But with that confirmation, I had to go forward.

Even with this gut feeling, I was still a little skeptical. So I made a deal with myself.

I would give myself exactly two weeks. If this didn't work in the two first two weeks, I was throwing in the towel.

I had spent two months trying to make this thing work without a single sale, so what were a few more weeks?

So that night, I went to work and changed my lead magnet into a short quiz.

I spent a day or two putting the quiz together and things were finally ready to go.
My hands were sweating as I clicked the button to launch my first ad. Was this the moment I was waiting for? 

I woke up the next morning and was shocked to find that overnight I had one call booked from my quiz for the following day.

Just the first step, I told myself. Nothing to quit my job for just yet.

But this was feeling different than before.

None of my subscribers were opening my emails for my previous lead magnet, less even downloading and finishing it.

Now the open rates were through the roof because everyone wanted to know the results of the quiz.

I was a nervous wreck that first day of waiting for the scheduled call to happen.

All I could do is keep thinking about the call in my head and how it might play out.

Day 2 rolled around and I was even worse. The anticipation was killing me.
And There On The Third Day, I Got On That Phone Call And Closed My First $2,500. Cha-ching!
Holy shit, I knew it. This is gonna work!

It would have taken me an entire month to make $2,500 at my 9-5 job, and now I just did it on one 45-minute phone call.

That whole day before the call I was pacing around the house like a madman waiting for the call to start at 5 pm.

I probably wore a trail in the carpet from all the back and forth.

10 minutes before the call, I was a sweaty mess. I had to change shirts twice just to feel comfortable.

I called the customer at 5 pm and felt my blood pressure rise each time the phone rang.

Finally, after 4 rings, he answered and blurted out "OMG I can't believe it's you"

I loosened my palms a bit and immediately felt a sigh of relief.

Ok, that wasn't what I was expecting, I thought to myself.
I don't know what having magic feels like, but I definitely channeled my inner Dr. Xavier from X-Men on my first call.

I got a little more comfortable as he continued to tell me how much it felt like I knew his problems after reading his results.

Like I was “Dr. Marquiste”.
After a quick back and forth, I re-read him his results from his quiz.

He cut me off before I was even finished and said "I'm already sold. How can I pay to get started?"

I hadn't even told him the price yet!

Once I said the price, he only asked me if he could pay over the phone.

My jaw dropped to the flow. I got zero objections from him.

I must be on to something.

It was the easiest money I’ve ever made in my life!

But you know what?

Before I knew it within that first month, the next sale came a few days later.

I got on the phone and the call played out exactly the same way as the first.

He had already given me all the answers I needed from taking the quiz, so I just spoke back exactly about their issues and my recommendation.

It felt like magic for them, but I was just doing what any good doctor would do.

Ask questions to find out the issues, then prescribe the fix.

And he was happily ready to hand over the credit card to get his problem solved.

The third call was my favorite.

The woman booked a call for the same day, which I normally don’t allow.

Even worse, it was 12pm. That was during my 30-minute lunch break at my 9-5 job and the calls are scheduled for 45-minutes.

I had made an update to my calendar accidentally which opened some slots.

She had seen it and immediately scheduled something for an hour later.

My first instinct was the reschedule because I would have zero time for prep.

But I decided to print out the quiz results and keep the call anyways.

I figured I would just have been a little late getting back.

Fortunately for me, it went quicker than I expected.

I hopped on the call, and even before I had a chance to read the quiz results, she quickly asked if I took Visa to work with me.

Not wanting to be rude, I quickly said Yes but pivoted quickly back going over her results and action plan.
She was obviously all in and became my third sale.

Then another week later, I had made a fourth sale...

Within Three Weeks, I Had Made $10,000!
All I Did Was Change This One Thing...

As soon as I did, I had to tell everybody, anyone, that I knew or cared about. I had to help them.

Because this was the game-changer.

Things were starting to change fast. People were loving this quiz stuff.

Before I knew it, I was getting invited to speak at events and share what I knew.
I recently hosted an international marketing event in Aruba full of business owners and everyone was just stunned at my presentation.

I literally got a standing ovation at the end of my presentation!

The #1 question...where have you been in my life!
And it hasn't just worked for me. Once I told more people about the power of quizzes, I was amazed at some of the success stories that started to pop up.

From High-School Janitor To Internet Marketing Coach

In 2006, I met this beautiful girl named Teresa and we dated initially for a few months before I moved out of state to Atlanta to join the corporate rat race.

Over the years and miles apart, we maintained a great friendship that had grown even closer the last few years.

She had always been supportive of my dreams and ambitions.
And through those years, we had created great (and sometimes strange lol) memories meeting up in random states once a year for adventure and "getaway trips".

Fast-forward about 3 months, I was in the final stages of quitting my job and growing my new business.

I decided to move to my hometown and continued a relationship with Teresa.

At first, she worked 3rd shift as a high-school janitor so I barely got to spend quality time with her.

As the months went by, she began to hate her job more and more.

She wanted to try the online thing too but felt she wasn't smart enough and no one would listen to her.

After much convincing, I got her to join a network marketing company for a weight loss supplement she was taking.

She was already taking it and had lost a lot of weight, so I told her she might as well get paid for referring other people.

One thing she was dead-set on. She did NOT want to be cold-pitching products or feeling salesly like most network marketers.

I knew this was the perfect opportunity to test out a quiz to get leads for her new business!

We worked together for a few days to build out a simple quiz called “Are You On The Path To Network Marketing Success”

Within one month of using it, she got over 50 high-quality leads and she ranked up in her business opportunity.

People who went through the quiz were so impressed, they were hungry to buy her products

She went from being overworked and not having time to spend with the family, to just last month for her 12-year old daughter's birthday, being able to take our entire family of 6 to an amusement park using her new income!
As time went on, she continued to learn about marketing and started helping teach women in business opportunities.

With the success she was having in her own business, my girlfriend's next desire was to help other women like her trying to start an online business and teach them what she knows.

We decided to create her own training program on how to generate leads using some of the methods I taught her.
It was rough at first and she hated being on camera (just like me!), but she got the hang of it and now is a pro.

As a Marketing Coach, she has helped many other moms she’s met online grow their business online and produce great results.

One of her most recent clients even shot her live testimonial video that was so heart-felt that my girlfriend almost broke down crying!
And Quizzes Work In So Many Other Fields!
One of my recent clients is a financial advisor and came to me to help revamp his website. Before he was buying leads from a third-party. The problem was the leads were becoming more expensive and were converting horribly. Just sitting on his email list!

I built him a financial quiz to capture leads and within 3 months he had generated 1.8 million dollars in potential deals with zero ad spend. Just using his existing email list traffic to the quiz!

Another client came to me with the usual line that I hate “Facebook Ads Don’t Work”. Usually, that is a sign that they don’t know what they're doing, but also something that can easily be fixed.

When I saw her CPC for each click she was getting on Facebook, I almost started to spit out my drink. She was paying $2.25 PER CLICK, and wasn’t even capturing an email address. I don’t know about you, but I can think of much better ways to burn money.

We built a quiz together in a week, and her CPC dropped down to less than 50 cents, plus she is now capturing the email address BEFORE sending them to a sales page.
Another one of my most recent clients, 8-figure entrepreneur Dan Lok, is also now using quizzes in his business to get more leads to sell his $3,000+ high-ticket courses

The last time I checked, he had over 1.3 million subscribers on his email list. Sounds to me like the quizzes are working out well for him!
Another one of my most recent clients, 8-figure entrepreneur Dan Lok, is also now using quizzes in his business to get more leads to sell his $3,000+ high-ticket courses

The last time I checked, he had over 1.3 million subscribers on his email list. Sounds to me like the quizzes are working out well for him!
Zapier, a global company that builds automation tools for small business owners, just chased me down to publish a quiz article on their blog and sent it to their customer base of over 500,000 email subscribers.

Zapier, a global company that builds automation tools for small business owners, just chased me down to publish a quiz article on their blog and sent it to their customer base of over 500,000 email subscribers.

I was also recently accepted to the Leadership Network and wrote an article about quizzes for lead generation to their 14 million readers. I remember the days I used to read the magazine, now I'm actually published in it!

I was also recently accepted to the Leadership Network and wrote an article about quizzes for lead generation to their 14 million readers. I remember the days I used to read the magazine, now I'm actually published in it!

Using quizzes changes the conversation completely.

You go from them suspecting you of being a slimy sales guy, to you literally just prescribing what they need to do because they've already given you all the information upfront.

You know who they are, you know where they are. And they feel it in the conversation.

It’s almost like you have super spy powers to better understand your ideal client’s needs and desires.

This sounds creepy – I know – but it helps you offer more value.
It’s Like Asking People To Fill Out A Survey… Except It’s Actually Fun For Them.
I’ve been able to help clients use quizzes in just about every industry, eCommerce, digital products, software, consulting, coaching, agencies—anywhere you want to simply generate leads online.

There is no better way to get the most from your traffic.

Now that you know so much about your leads, you can send personalized emails and make the most money possible. There was no way to do that before.

From an advertising perspective, the networks love you.

You don't run into the same compliance issues you see with lead magnets that can get your account shut down on Facebook.

Plus your traffic cost is much cheaper because of all the natural engagement a quiz will create. People will just share them with their friends and you benefit from all the free viral traffic.

This makes life a lot easier and you will love your business.

The hardest place is where you are right now.

So, it's time to elevate and go above and beyond, so you can create a business and life you love.

And my favorite thing about quizzes is that you don't have to create a complex, long lead magnet that nobody is going to finish anyways.

All you need to do is ask a few questions!

This works even better if you're not the most social person like me.

People just naturally like to find out information about themselves.

Using a quiz makes them actually do all the hard work of starting a conversation.

They are going to tell you everything you need to know, so once it’s time to make them an offer, it feels tailor-made for them and zero pressure for you.

I know you might be thinking that it’s going to cost you an arm and a leg to create a quiz.

The surprising thing is it’s actually more expensive NOT to use a quiz.

Listen to what I just said to you.

I spent seven years trying to succeed. Failing again and again to get quality leads.

Implement a quiz, and have a $10,000 month. From just learning this one thing.

It's not even that complicated to create a quiz.

If your success isn't important to you, then yeah, it is too complicated.

You might be thinking that you’re not tech-savvy enough to create a quiz, but if you can follow some simple instructions and point and click, you can create a quiz in no time.

My GF was one of the most non-tech savvy people on the planet. If it wasn’t browning Facebook, she thought it was too difficult to learn!

Can you guess how long it took me to help her set up a quiz for her business?

Less than a weekend. In less than two days, she was able to set up her own quiz that helped her bring in high-quality leads the first month and grow her business.

And if you want to sell ludicrously expensive stuff and just have people throw you the money..., then using a quiz is magic for that.

It qualifies your lead in a way that the normal ‘high-ticket funnel’ you see everyone else is using can’t.

This is how you do it.

My leads were bad, I sucked at selling and therefore I was running out of money trying to keep the ads on.

Now, I'm making money and all these problems are gone

But there's one thing about this that you don't know and before I tell you, let me just make sure that you don't make the mistakes that I did when I first got this idea.

I got all excited about it and made a few mistakes along the way.

If you don't make these mistakes, then you're good to go.

Also, there's one thing I haven't mentioned to you, that once I do, it's gonna blow your mind!

But before we get to that and blow your mind, let me make sure you don't make the same mistakes.

Don't Get Eaten By A Gremlin!

You know I love horror movies right? Well, one of my favorites of all time is called “Gremlins”.

Maybe you’ve seen it?
A struggling inventor visits a Chinatown antique store in the hope of finding a Christmas present for his son.

In the store, the man encounters a small, furry creature called a mogwai named "Gizmo".

The owner, Mr. Wing refuses to sell the creature to the man.
However, his grandson secretly sells the mogwai to him in the back alley, warning him to remember three important rules that must never be broken:
  • Do not expose the mogwai to light, especially sunlight, which will kill it; 
  • Do not let it come in contact with water; 
  • And above all, never feed it after midnight.
What happens you let a Gremlin stay up too late and feed them after midnight? 🤔🤔🤔
They turn into monsters that are ready to run wild and destroy everything in their path!

You definitely don’t want Gremlins running around in your business.

And once you follow these important rules that must never be broken when building a quiz, you will be good to go!

Mistake #1: Leaving out the contact information

An engaging and entertaining quiz is great, but why invest in one if it's not going to help you convert? 

When I created quizzes way back for my horror site, the quizzes were purely for fun. I wasn't collecting contact information and that was a mistake.

If your quiz isn't capturing important information from your leads, then it's not doing its job.

Mistake #2: Adding irrelevant questions

Short quizzes are entertaining and easy to complete. The longer they get, though, the more likely your prospects will be to abandon the quiz entirely and never become customers. Even worse if the question is irrelevant or confusing.

In a recent Quiz Facebook Ad review with a client, I noticed that her lead cost was outside of the acceptable range I like to see. After I dug in a bit, I started to see where the problem was. I looked at the quiz analytics and discovered that almost 13% of people dropped off after the 2nd question.

When you're spending money and trying to scale, that 13% dropoff will burn through your wallet faster than California wildfire. With the minor tweak of changing this question, we were able to keep her from blowing her advertising dollars. may not stay engaged to the end of the quiz.

Mistake #3: Boring design

You add a quiz to your website because you want to capture the visitor's attention. If your quiz looks like the kind of form they fill out at the doctor's office or just plain ugly like below, they will not stay engaged to the end of the quiz.
This one is easy to fix because there are so many ways of making it more appealing. Make it colorful, add pictures, even add a video.

Mistake #4: Broken Quiz Logic

"Branch logic" with quizzes is a beautiful thing.

It improves the quiz-experience for respondents and helps you gather the specific data you need—as long as you’re using it correctly.

If you don’t already know, branch logic is a quiz design feature that allows you to design your survey to “skip” your respondents ahead to a later part in their survey.

That way, they can skip parts of the quiz that are irrelevant to them and focus only on the parts that apply to them.

But planning and executing a quiz that uses branch logic can get a little complicated. 

A client of mine launched a quiz without proper testing and the quiz logic was completely broken. People would answer the first question and immediately be taken to the last question. So users weren’t even seeing the other 9 questions. Huge mistake!

So What Was That Thing?

What was that I alluded to earlier that was going to blow your mind? Remember that first month, where everything kicked off and I was able to help all these people in all these different ways?
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Just think if you had $300 and knowing how to do this without having to deal with any of this shit I went through?

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I decided to create a new community with the mission to help thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs across the globe learn these marketing skills to grow their side business without feeling burned-out from hustling too hard on the wrong things!

What if you had a place to come where things didn't have to seem so difficult? 

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